An unusual trip to Wayanad – Trek and hike

Abhishek shares his account of his experiences in Wayanad. Brace yourselves fellows!!!

A trip to Wayanad runs like a picturesque movie with the lush greenery and the chilly weather as welcome companions. You can indulge in some relaxation or dive right into an action-packed adventure; there’s surprisingly just so many places to visit in Wayanad and plenty more to do in this little hill station. As it is so well-connected to its nearby town, you need not stress about travel and can take a bus or train to Wayanad. A trip to Wayanad is usually filled with visits to luxury Wayanad resorts and other serene locales where you relax but how about adding a little excitement to your visit?

Kuruva Island:

True serenity can be found at this preserved eco-centric location which is actually a protected river delta. This collection of islands set on the Kabini River is home to a wide array of flora and fauna, allowing you a glimpse of some of the most beautiful and amazing wildlife in its natural habitat. There are plenty of boating and rafting tours, and make sure to put aside a whole day to really do this spot justice as there is just so much to see on each little island. Visitors can even take a walk through the woods but are asked not to disturb the wildlife and there are no picnics allowed.

srijalism Kabini riverNature and it’s surprises

Edakkal Caves:

The Edakkal caves are an exciting place to explore in Kalpetta. Located at about 1200 metres above sea, the climate is wonderful and, for those seeking a little History lesson, it is next to an ancient trade route. Besides, there are cave paintings believed to date back to ancient man placed around 6,000 B.C and if this is not enough, then connections to the famed Indus Valley civilisation are believed to exist at this site, the only solid example in South India.

srijalism Edakkal CavesDo you fancy cave exploration!

Phantom Rock:

No need to get spooked by the name as this archaeological site offers some great views. Placed quite close to Kalpetta, there are several camping sites located along the path to the top, where the rocks sitting on top of one another look like Phantom’s head. Campers can also trek up to catch some gorgeous sunrises or sunsets if you want to sleep in and the locale even offers some light rock climbing for those looking for a little adventure.

srijalism Phantom RockAh! The rock…

Heritage Museum:

Take a look at the old Adivasi way of life at the Wayanad Heritage Museum. Perhaps you could stop here after a visit to the Edva caves which are quite close by and have a fun History lesson. The museum houses stone and metal implements such as pottery, weapons and headgear which makes an interesting visit.

srijalism blogsWait for such surprises on the way!

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary:

No trip to this hill station is complete without a visit at the wildlife sanctuary. After all, it is home to some of the most exquisite wildlife and you can only catch a glimpse of them in a natural habitat in a few select locations in India. Make sure to arrive early for the jeep tours as there are a limited number and it is two hours long promising a fun experience.

srijalism WayanadThe Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary!

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