Beyond Infinity : In pursuit of blissfulness.

I welcome you all to read the concluding chapter of the series Yoga and Sprituality in Rishikesh. Since I have used all my pictures in last 3 posts. I’ll try and explain things making use of FreeImages.

What’s meditation?

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Meditation is a journey in which you discover your true self. Your ‘true self’ is not the one which you think you are. It is hidden. Your mind is stained subject to the places you have been to, the people with whom you have interacted and the community to which you belong. Your true self is not either of the above. You need to clear your mind of all these prejudices and pre conceived notions. Meditation is the answer to that. Meditation is the perfect unlearning process. Meditation helps you to bring all your awareness into the present. And yes you always need an object to meditate.

When someone says

“I meditate”

It means

“I meditate on something.”

This something could be your breath, any mantra in your mind, any physical object which you could touch and feel like a Mala or anything which you are comfortable with. And your back should be straight when you meditate.

The concept of Inter-Connectedness :

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Meditation helps you to realize that divinity is the same thing which is present in the smallest of things and even the biggest. Basically deep down we are all the same.

“When I see a leaf, I see the rainfall and clouds.”

– Thich Nath Hanh (Buddha Mind, Buddha Body)

To make things more clear, meditation is the realization that when you see a leaf, you also understand the clouds which water the trees and make them possible.

Similarly when you see a person, you instantly see that he is not just him. He is also his father, forefather.

The concept of Kundalini :

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This special energy called Kundalini is stored in every individual somewhere at the base of your spine. Each person has two types of Energies. Shiva and Shakti. This Shiva refers to the masculine or creative side where Shakti refers to the emotional or feminine side. So basically when your Kundalini is awakened, these two forces are balanced out.

The concept of Kundalini awakening is far beyond the scope of this blog post and it takes people years of practice to achieve that state. Just to give you an idea, the following great men had achieved this state of Enlightenment. Gautam Buddha, Kabirdas, Socrates, Jalaluddin Rumi, Guru Nanak Dev ji.

26273834500_0450cec462_bImage Credits : Flickr/Jugal Awasthi

Which also tells us that Wisdom is beyond religions.

The concept of Chakras :

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We all have 7 chakras in our body. These 7 chakras are nothing but sources of energy centers. So when they say “His Kundalini is enlightened” or “He has realized God” or “He has attained wisdom”, it means the person’s special energy has been released from the Mooldhara and traveled across all the 7 chakras. Again, this topic is too complex in itself.

Meditative Songs :

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After staying in Ashram for 7 consecutive days, I was in love with the music which was being played over there. As soon as I came out from the Ashram, the first thing I did was to purchase a music CD from one of the shops at Laxman Jhula.

 Snatan Kaur is the artist I would love to recommend you to play during Yoga sessions. It’s the kind of trance music which we hear on the steets of all those hip places like Gokarna, Varanasi or Rishikesh.

FYI : She is an American lady who has written some amazing songs for World Peace.

The songs that I recommend :


Image Credits : R


  • Ray Man Shabad.
  • Om Gurudev Namo.
  • Tumi Bhajre Mana.
  • Shivoham.

All the above songs are by Snatan Kaur.

And of course how can you miss our hero. Mr Bob Marley.

His version of Om Namah Shivay is perhaps one of the most powerful songs ever written.

Books On Spirituality :

old-book-1426980-1599x1065Image Credits : Niewiadomski

The following are some of the spiritual books I read recently. It helped me considerably to understand this whole new field of life. If you have some good books to recommend, please let me know in comments.

  • The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle
  • The Essential Rumi by Rumi
  • Zen by Osho
  • Buddha Mind, Buddha Body by Thich Nath Hanh
  • Vedanta Philosophy by Swami Vivekananda

The aftermath :

IMG_0272Bliss or Ecstasy ?

After 7 days of Yogic lifestyle, I feel I am more aware of my body.

  • I consciously try to sit straight.

  • Even as I am writing this blog post, I am comfortably sitting in Vajrasan position with the laptop on my lap.

  • When I feel tired, I try not to sleep. I instead go for Shavasana :p

  • My flexibility has been improved considerably. I understand what they mean when they say “Sthiram Sukham Asanam” 🙂

  • I am able to enjoy silence more than I ever did.

  • I am able to understand the art of doing things ‘mindfully’.

  • I make sure to inhale and exhale every now. In short, I learned to live 🙂

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