50 shades of Green : Kerala

Apr 9th 9:15 pm

I boarded SLS Travels bus from Madiwala. Lately I’ve realized that semi-sleepers are better than sleeper buses both in terms of comfort & speed. I reached Tiruvalla at 7:30 in the morning ie) about 10 hours journey .

2015-04-13 08.02.31 The journey was beautiful. No wonder they call it “God’s own country” ! There was a lake which passed through adjacent to the main road. Entire Kerala is full of lakes & greenery. Lush green palm trees amidst the journey makes it an unforgettable sight for travellers.2015-04-12 09.37.55
 I was here to attend my friend’s brother’s marriage but before that we had planned a 2 day trip to Varkala which was even shortened to 1.5 day trip due to other priorities. So we took the train from Thiruvalla towards Varkala. It was 90 km journey which took us around 1.5 hours. Don’t stand near the door” was what our parents used to tell us & that’s  exactly what we did 😉
2015-04-12 12.08.37
I mean we couldn’t resist ourselves after seeing those beautiful scenes on the way.
But I would still not recommend this to kids. There’s no better sport than life itself !! What’s the point of loosing it.
So here we are in the land of Shiva.
2015-04-12 11.56.02
My friend Tarun had instructed me on how to deal with the malayalam speaking auto-drivers. His strategy was that as he would try to negotiate the price with auto driver, I should come to the scene and take him away with a disgusting look on my face. The first auto offered to charge 50/- . As planned he tried to convince him for 40 bucks. The driver was reluctant to decrease the price, I came to the rescue as planned and took Tarun away. We badly sucked at this & later we decided to pay 90 rupees to the 4th auto driver that too after walking for an extra mile :p
Dude Tarun, I still hate you for your fucked up strategy!!
2015-04-11 20.04.10
We had booked our resort for 2 days starting from 12 noon ( 10th April 2015). And we reached Varkala at 5:30 PM.  Now that’s more than 5 hours late. Thank you Tarun for cutting short 5 hours 45 minutes of my vacation time. So sweet of you being an asshole!!
Ok what’s gone is gone. But I made sure that whatever time we were left with, to be awesome!!
5:45 pm : Check in at The Sanctum Spring Beach Resort, Varkala. We were lucky enough to get the best possible sea-facing rooms located at 1st floor as most of the rooms were empty. It was an off-season in this part of country as this was the start of summer. Special thanks to goibibo for  hefty discounts on bookings. Just as I opened the windows, I could see perfect setting for the sunset.
2015-04-10 18.32.30 I saw sun set for the first time in my life. I started chasing the sun
2015-04-10 18.32.53And in a flash of few seconds it disappeared. I couldn’t believe my eyes.
2015-04-10 18.42.50
All you need to know about Varkala :
A large cliff running adjacent to Arabian sea. And that’s where lies all the fun. Numerous coffee houses, bakeries, restaurants & ayurvedic massage centres can be found on this stretch. Just keep on walking and be ready to be mesmerised by it’s beauty.
2015-04-12 09.17.21
2015-04-12 09.45.45
2015-04-12 09.36.19
2015-04-12 09.43.00Food at Varkala : Just sit at one of the coffee shops and do nothing. Order your favorite snack or drink, stare at the sea endlessly & slowly let the beer sink inside your belly.
But it’s the ambiance which will make you feel high. All the fish lovers, this is the place to be !! You will find varieties of fishes to choose from. Chicken lovers don’t need to be disappointed. And talking about beef lovers, this ain’t Maharashtra 😉 So eat what you love!
2015-04-11 14.41.51
But the best food that I had so far was undoubtedly the authentic Kerala Parotta & chicken ! But they don’t call it by that name in Kerala. Just like french toast doesn’t exist in France, We don’t call it Kerala Parotta in Kerala . Its just Parotta 😉
And I just loved it..:)
Just head out towards any small or big hotel near the city where they make it properly. The chicken had a tinge of sweetness which was different from any other chicken which I had tasted so far. This was the best chicken of my life so far 🙂
Liquor Ban in Kerala :
Now coming back to beer. I had heard that Kerala became the first Indian state to ban alcohol. Its all rubbish. We all know that’s not gonna happen. A slight disappointment for Heineken lovers out there 😉 You guys have to manage with Kingfisher in Varkala.
Now coming back to food. My dear Vegeterians, you have a lot of things to cheer up for.Try spring roll at Abba  restaurant & bakery. Don’t forget to thank me later 😉
2015-04-12 09.31.33Special mention to Clafouti’s restaurant. I went here for breakfast. Imagine eating scrambled eggs & yummy pancakes along with soothing holy hindu worship songs like “Om bhur bhuwa swaha” playing in background while you’re busy watching the waves. Now stop your imaginations 🙂 But that’s exactly how amazingly fantastic it was there.
2015-04-11 08.24.51 My stay was at Sanctum spring beach resort was good. So if you want to book your stay somewhere on the cliff where you can relax away from the hustle & bustle of the shopping zone, go for Sanctum.
Mornings at Varkala : It starts with working out on the beach. Beach is the best place for all the fitness freaks on Earth. Even though I had stopped working out for a while, I couldn’t resist myself from trying few push-ups on the beach. And must tell you, its a must try thingy! Work-out on the beach with soothing sound of those waves & hot chicks with super-fit size zeros trying some incredible yoga postures will make you awestruck! And then you can visit any of the eateries located on the cliff for your favourite English breakfast:) life couldn’t be more awesome, right!!
Authentic ayurvedic massage : It was on my check-list to try ayurvedic oil massage at Varkala. And we did it on the last day of our stay at Varkala. We went for full body massage.
2015-04-11 18.18.30
Expectations Vs Reality:
Expectation:  A pretty lady with some silk sari on her body will massage and take away all our pains 😉
Reality: We were welcomed by two Keralian dudes who showed us the path. This was going to be the most embarrassing massage of my life 😉
As I entered the room
Massage guy : Sir, please remove your shirt.
Ok done!
Him : Sir please remove your shorts.
What! Ok..
Him : Sir, please remove everything and wear this.
And he gave me a tiny cloth to cover myself. I was like ” what the hell is this :-p
And then started the massage. Some ‘dhanur dhara oil’ was used for massage. This entire massage process reminds me of my childhood days, when we used to get nice massage.
Out of curiosity, I asked Ranjeet, the massage guy about how he started doing this. I asked him “Was it your dream job as a kid ?”. He started it 6 years back when his friend got into this business. And that’s how he started giving massage to people. And now it has become his passion. In fact, this is the the only thing that he knows how to do now. And for such hard-work this dude is paid a meager amount of 12000 rupees a month. And based on my massage experience, I can say that its not a cakewalk job.
Note : Authentic massage is an art mastered through years of experience 🙂
Aftermath: I and my friend Tarun first saw each other’s face and started laughing at each other & then we realized that all our pains were magically gone. I felt rejuvenated.
2015-04-13 09.44.08
50 shades of green 🙂
2015-04-12 15.03.48
2015-04-11 09.27.27After visiting Varkala, I reached Pypat. Its a village 15 kms from Thiruvalla railway station. My friends brother had come to receive us on the railway station from where we headed for Pypat. On the way to Pypat, I saw real Kerala. Wherever my eyes could see, it was green everywhere.
When in Kerala, do as the Keralites do :
I stayed there for 2 days at a Christian family’s place. I felt like home. My breakfasts included dishes like Jackfruit puttu, Appam-Chicken & lots of delicious cakes. Bananas are an integral part of their diet. I even tried beef which is famous in Kerala. Though many of my orthodox friends & family members would not try this.
2015-04-10 10.24.23
Transportation in Kerala :
Its fun to sit on the auto-rickshaws. People drive here like insane. I mean they don’t slow down even on blind curves. So brace yourselves for some adventure. I was lucky enough to have close connections in Kerala who made the entire trip memorable.
2015-04-13 08.04.38
Shopping at Kerala :
I got the chance to visit some commercial places like Kalyan at Thiruvalla. Its a good experience which should be experienced once. Its funny to see many people sitting & waiting endlessly as their counter-parts are busy choosing their favorite silk sarees.
2015-04-12 15.56.54
Rain Gods of Kerala :
When it rains, the entire Kerala feels musical. Plus If you’re near the beach with your favorite novel & a cup of coffee. It couldn’t get better than this 🙂
2015-04-11 18.40.11
Things to do :
  • Spend time & enjoy Kerala with the locals, if you know few.

2015-04-13 09.30.59

  • Try “jack-fruit puttu”. I didn’t get its taste immediately but it was delicious & healthy 🙂

image_1Source : http://3.bp.blogspot.com/

  • Spend time at the beach, doing nothing 🙂


  • Listen to “Barsaat ke mausam me” by Kumar Sanu & watch the sea as it rains 😀

2015-04-11 18.27.56

In 3 words to sum up my experience in Kerala would be :


“God’s own country” 😛


” Chocolates, cakes & chicken !!!”

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