And that’s why we love Namma Bangalore and Hyderabad.

There is a huge influx of people from around the country to the cities of Hyderabad and Bangalore. It is often said that

“You can check in here at any time. But you can never leave.”

What comes to your mind when you think about Hyderabad ?

Paradise Biriyani?
Karachi Bakery?

Similarly when we talk about Bangalore, more often than not the first thing that comes to our mind is the IT sector. Let us tell you that the cities of Hyderabad and Bangalore have much more to offer than the above listed cliches. Presenting before you some offbeat places to make the most of your weekends in and around the cities of Bangalore and Hyderabad.

1) Nrityagram Dance Village, Bangalore : For all the art lovers

Just 70 kms away from Namma Bangalore near the Hesaraghatta lake, lies the beautiful dance village of Nrityagram . This dance village sets a wonderful example of a place where people are busy doing what they love to i.e. dancing to the fullest. They follow the age-old tradition of Guru-shishya which we rarely see in today’s fast paced competitive world. As per this ancient technique, students and teachers stay under one roof where the students can learn dance and various art forms from their Gurus. They grow their crops and cook for themselves and earn through dance recitals. Get ready to be charmed by good old rustic views everywhere.

Where to stay in Bengaluru?
FYI : The Leela Palace Bangalore known for offering regal accommodation to globetrotters.

nrityagram dance village bangalore


Similarly if you’re in Hyderabad, don’t forget to witness some amazing dance performances happening at Shilparamam near the Hi-tech city area.

Shilparamam is the place where you need to stop in Hyderabad if you wish to get some souvenirs. Here’s the thing, when here, you are expected to bargain. Apart from the amazing range of items, where you can shop till you drop and still be easy on the pocket, look out for the ongoing events.

Shilparamam Hyderabad
We were lucky to witness an amazing round of Kuchipudi performance. FYI : This place is near the Kondapur region which is where most of the IT people reside.

2) Mullayanagiri-Bababuddangiri : For ridge lovers

Famous for its coffee plantations, Chikmagalur has much more to offer than just coffee. Home to the highest peak of Karnataka, this place provides an ultimate trek experience. The ridge walk across Mullayanagiri will thrill you to the core! At a height of 6300 feet from the sea level, lies a temple and mosque next to each other. This is epic in itself. The perfect example of a pluralist society known as India. Get some snickers and energy drinks for the trek. The total trek distance is around 16 kilometers which is demanding both mentally as well as physically.

Mullayanagiri ridge walk
Mullayanagiri ridge walk


For Hyderabad peeps, How about a road trip to Horsely hills this weekend?

And before you ask us questions regarding your accommodations, we have you covered with some amazing Resorts in Hyderabad


Artist : Ram Prasad (Flickr)

3) Lushington Falls : For agricultural trek

lushington falls near Bangalore

Once in a lifetime you should try experiencing an agricultural trek. Traversing through coconut trees, vast grasslands and betel nuts, the trek to Lushington falls is epic in itself. Everyone talks about the Jog falls of Karntaka. But very few are aware of the Lushington falls or the Unchalli falls which lies near Siddapur in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. Go on an agricultural trek to this place and be ready to witness some of the locally grown crops. Step into a local’s house and try some locally made Bella. Bella is the juice extracted from Sugarcane, heated to a particular temperature, cooled and served with Desi ghee. Trust us, it tastes sweet and divine.


For people at Hyderabad : At just a distance of 185 kilometers, the Mallela theertham waterfalls should definitely be a part of your weekend road trip.

Mallela theertham

Artist : Shashidhar Talla (Flickr)

4) Ramanagara : For Sholay and Ramayana Connection

Sholay connection at Ramanagara

Just 60 km from the hustle and bustle of Bengaluru, lies this gem of a place. There is something about Ramanagara that keeps you calling. Everyone knows Mysore for the silk it produces. But very few are aware of the fact that that the input used for making those beautifully crafted silk sarees are exported from none other than the city of Ramanagara. The scenes of the bollywood epic “Sholay” were shot on the rocks of this area. So the next time you are visiting this place, just imagine that you are walking on the same rocks as the famous Gabbar Singh. Now almost everyone is aware of the Sholay connection. But there’s more to Ramanagara. David Lean’s “A passage to India” depicting old times of India ( as old as when India was struggling with the Independence against the British rule had many scenes which were shot in Ramanagara. According to the Hindu Epic Ramayana, Lord Rama with his wife and cousin Lakshaman, passed through the village of Ramanagara during his exile or “Vanvaas”. Do you need another reason to visit this place ?

Now something for Hyderabad people :

Artist : shesh murthy (Flickr)

Ancient relics, beautiful temples and what nots, have you seen Kurnool? It’s just 200 kilometers from the city of Hyderabad

5) Gokarna : For peace seekers


One of the 7 most important Hindu pilgrimage centers, this holy land of Shiva is situated in Uttara Kannada. A place popular for its untouched beaches, unexplored islands and rich history. A place which is of prime importance in accordance to Hindu religion but where all religions cease to exist. And a new religion starts to take over. This new religion is termed as PEACE. Popular as the hippie’s paradise, the beaches are peaceful and less commercialized than Goa.
You call it freedom! We call it Gokarna!!

Within a distance of around 400 kms from Hyderabad, Papi Hills is the place to be this weekend.

PAPI hillsArtist : praneeth (Flickr)


With spectacular valleys and waterfalls, Papi hills also involves traveling by boat and sleeping in riverside bamboo huts. Are you in for the game?

6) Maribetta : For water sports lovers


Villages are beautiful throughout India. And one such village, just 72 kms away from Bengaluru on the streets of Kanakpura is Maribetta. Just take a stroll around the village and be ready to treat your eyes with the most amazing lake view of your life.
Once you are here you mustn’t miss camping by the side of the lake where there is provision for coracling, kayaking and zip-lining. Breathtaking views of the lake, stunning sunset and some water sports along the lake, Maribetta has it all!!!


belum cavesArtist : varaprasad v (Flickr)

Speaking of adventure and adrenaline rushes, a 3 kilometer long underground tunnel is enough to blow your mind. Walk alongside phenomenal stalactite and stalagmite formations, imaginative color illumination and fresh water galleries. Be ready to be dazzled.

7) Kodaikanal Palni Hills : For lake lovers

kodaikanal lake love

The unique blend of hills covered with Shola plantation & the fragrance of Eucalyptus all around is one of the untold reasons that it’s called as “The Gift of the Forest”. Be it the presence of chilled out climate throughout the year (provided you are staying somewhere close to the lake), delicious chocolates or the Magical fruit, Kodai has it all. There is a star-shaped lake covered with mist and lilies blooming all around. Everyone who wants to enjoy cycling around the most serene star-shaped Kodai lake and enjoy camp fire in the vicinity of Palni Hills Wildlife Sanctuary must give this one a shot. Just avoid in the summer, it gets too hot out there.

Koleru Lake

Hyderabad people looking for something offbeat. Let’s go bird watching this weekend at the Kolleru Lake bird sanctuary.

bird watching at koleru lakeArtist : iPartner India (Flickr)

With the presence of birds like Painted Storks, Glossy Ibises, Teals , first be a spectator and then a photographer.

So the next time your friends and family visit you in Hyderabad or Bangalore. You know where to show them around. This time don’t just show them the usual Bangalor-ish things like Cubbon Park. Or the usual Hyderabad-ish things like Char Minar.

Let’s end this with  a quote.
” When in doubt, travel”


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