Bhangarh : A Different Perspective

———–What is fear?———–

silhouetteInside the most haunted Bhangarh fort of India.

It is a feeling that has the potential to give you chills and give you a possible heart attack.

Can fear be associated to a place?

Yes. There are certain places on this planet which are full of negative energies. You don’t need any instrument to measure them. They are such that if you are present there, you will feel something. Something wrong. Something bad. Something enough to give you a suffocating feeling. A thought enters your mind : “Something is just not right.”

hauntAre you scared already ?

What makes such places haunting ?

Stories and myths which on most cases have occurred over 1000 years ago. Word of mouth spreads amazing kind of rumors. After hearing such stories over and over, even a non believer might start feeling something.

DSC01244Way to Bhangarh Fort.

One such place in the state of Rajasthan is Bhangarh which has made it’s way in the list of 10 most haunted places of India. There are many stories associated to it. But the 2 most prominent ones are as follows :

Version 1 :

Once upon a time, Rani Ratnawati who was the most beautiful princess in this region ruled over Bhangarh. Almost everyone was clean bowled by her beauty. She used to learn Tantra from a Tantrik named Singhia. Singhia couldn’t control himself from falling for princess. His plan was to make princess fall in love with him by means of black magic. One fine day when the princess was walking towards the market to purchase a bottle of perfume ( read ‘Ittra’ ), the Tantrik casted a spell on this perfume. Now the princess saw what he was doing and threw this bottle which later got converted into a boulder and went rolling towards the Tantrik eventually killing him. (Rani Ratnavati also knew tantra remember) But before dying, Singhia made the following curse.

ratnavatiSource : Hello Travel

“I die! But you too, you Ratnavati shall not live here anymore. Neither you, nor your kin and these walls of the city, none shall see the morning sun!”

Based on the ancient tales, Rani Ratnawati died the very next year during the battle between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh. And the rest is history. It is also believed that the fort of Bhangarh is waiting for Rani Ratnawati to be reincarnated and put an end to this sadistic curse.

DSC01298_2The sun goes down…

Version 2 :

King Madho Singh wanted to build a fort in the village of Bhangarh. But an ascetic Guru Balu Singh used to meditate here. The only condition on which he allowed the fort to be constructed was “The fort’s shadow should never touch the meditating Sadhu otherwise the entire fort will collapse.”
DSC01274_2Try checking in after sunset and you might never leave…

And that’s what happened one day. The building’s shadow touched the meditating Sadhu who was in deep meditation. As per the curse, the entire fort collapsed along with the city. After this day, no new houses are constructed near the fort and whoever tried to do say had to pay the price.

DSC01260_2Notice the roofless costructions…


Route Taken : Jaipur – Dausa – Gola Ka Bas – Bhangarh


I decided to walk inside the fort and experience the truth myself. There are no direct buses to Bhangarh from Jaipur. The bus took us to the district of Dausa which acts as the gateway for all the nearby villages including Bhangarh. It was 3 PM when we reached Dausa. I had no clue how to reach Bhangarh from here. Even google wasn’t of any help here. I then had to switch to the old school style ie). Asking people for directions.

DSC01233aA comparatively less crowded jeep that is.

”Bhaiyya take the jeep. It will take you to a village called “Gola Ka Bas”. From there you can walk, Bhangarh is just 2.5 kms from there.”

Now here was the catch. This “Gola ka Bas” was more than 30 kilometers from Dausa And Bhangarh was another 2 kilometers walk from that village. But the gates of Bhangarh fort close down at sunset. I had to be quick but I had no options. Still I decided to go on.

DSC01229_2And that’s the inside scenes!!!

The jeep ride turned out to be more adventurous than I had imagined. Initially there were 15 of us which is above par according to my standards. But not according to the people out there. The driver waited till the vehicle filled itself to the level of suffocation. There were 27 of us on that Jeep. 27, Can you imagine!!!

DSC01282_2The fort : Home to Monekeys and wild animals

6 on front, 6 in the middle and back. 3 people somehow standing just behind the jeep and 6 of them having a gala time at the top. This thing which was turning out to be an adventurous affair for me was a routine job for everyone else. The path took us inside several Rajasthani villages which was fascinating to my eyes before entering the Aravalli Range. Yes Aravalli! And it was beautiful.

DSC01276What a beautiful sight that is!

We finally reached Gola Ka Bas. I started walking towards the signboard which said “Bhangarh 2 kilometer”. I took a left here and started walking in the direction of Fort. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it in time before sunset if I had to walk all the way. This was a deserted place in the middle of nowhere. I was delighted to see a car passing through. And that was the moment when I hitchhiked solo for the first time in life.




Set in the backdrop of Aravalli ranges, was the stunningly beautiful fort of Bhangarh. They say, “Bhangarh Fort is the most haunted place in Rajasthan”. But let me tell you, this was the most beautiful sight I had seen so far in Rajasthan. While people love to watch the Hawa Mahal or Amber Fort in Jaipur, my suggestion for them is “Visit Bhangarh Fort”. It’s less touristy and more serene. There was a hidden peacefulness in the air. I could not feel scared so far but my eyes were delighted to see this mankind’s gift set on lovely lap of Nature.

DSC01232_2The countryside…

The entire fort was setup in a huge area. Back then, when this fort was at it’s best, I could imagine the beauty beyond words. As you walk inside you are welcomed by monkeys having a gala time.

Set in the vicinity of Sariska tiger reserve, this fort is a good place to hangout for all the wild animals. Forget the abandoned curse by Tantrik Singia and the Indian Archaeological Survey’s Board which prohibits the entry after sunset, even if evil spirits leave you alone, there’s a high probability of wild animals attacking you. And if you manage to somehow save yourself from the animals, the cold has enough potential to knock you down. (The only reason I didn’t risk myself staying here after sunset)

DSC01271_2The serene Bhangarh!!!

There were a few temples and none of them any had any deities. The temple of Tantrik Singhia could also be seen at the top of the mountain next to Fort (believed to be the area where the Tantrik dies) But the architecture used in entire fort was stunning. The roofless setting gives us the feeling of Harrappan Civilization. Regarding the Archaeological Society’s board which says “Entry Prohibited before sunrise and after sunset). I believe this is a smart move to promote tourism. It adds to the curiosity.

DSC01300_2That’s the National Bird of India

Despite the many incidents which are rumored to take place, the GRIT society had done a survey here which was telecast in the news channel AajTak. In that show, the team could not find any substantial change in their EVM machine. But if you talk to the locals, they swear by the incidents which they have heard. (About many people who
tried staying here over overnight and had to pay the price. Somebody got killed, another one got fever.)
Now that’s Bhangarh for you!

  • A place whose walls have seen many deaths and heard many stories.
  • A place where entry is restricted before sunrise and after sunset, but you could always bribe the watchmen and stay overnight.
  • A place which is stunningly beautiful and home to many wild animals.
  • A place which lies in the vicinity of Sariska Tiger Reserve and the backdrop of Aravalli mountain ranges. 

DSC01255_2Thank you dear for staying there for me 🙂

I don’t know about haunting. But it was truly beautiful !!!

I left the fort at exact 6 and did manage to see the sunset on the way back. The last Jeep from this village to Dausa is at 6 PM. Time to hurry up!

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  1. I have read your travel blogs from Assam visits but must say your writing has become more appealing..
    what amazing description of this place. I got a chance to visit but i m so scared that i didnt go but i will surely next time after looking at beautiful scenes that you have clicked.

    1. Thanks for reading dear Akriti.

      Do you know you just made my day with that comment of yours!. And Bhangarh is really beautiful. The scenes inside are mysterious and serene at the same time. Do visit the next time you travel to Rajasthan 🙂

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