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Dark Tourism Circuit : Jashpur, Chhattisgarh

“Aap Akele aye hain Jashpur? Kis purpose se? Ghumne!!  Akele ghumiyega Jashpur? Pistol wagerah to rakhe honge na licence ke sath? These were the words of the receptionist sitting at the guest house when she heard that I was on a solo backpacking trip to Jashpur. Her reaction was equivalent to that of “Mai tumhare bacchon ka baap banne wala hu.”Let me now tell you the reason for her giving… Read Article →

Beyond Bullets & bloodshed : Bastar

The beginning : “Turn up the volume of the Music System & switch on the lights”, said the driver as soon as we entered the Kanker region. “Why?? Have we entered the ‘Naxal’ region”,  I asked out of curiosity!  “Don’t use that word again”, I heard from someone sitting at the back. You can use the word “Daadi” to refer to them. These were some of the general or Jungle… Read Article →

Beyond Infinity : In pursuit of blissfulness.

I welcome you all to read the concluding chapter of the series Yoga and Sprituality in Rishikesh. Since I have used all my pictures in last 3 posts. I’ll try and explain things making use of FreeImages. What’s meditation? Image Credits : ( Aladim) Hadler Meditation is a journey in which you discover your true self. Your ‘true self’ is not the one which you think you are. It is… Read Article →

Maha – Shivratri : Following Shiva’s Trail

What exactly is Maha Shivratri ? Junior Shiva. I am 23 as I am writing this and the only thing that I had heard about Maha-Shivratri for the last 22 years was the fact that “People fast on this day”. When your quest for answers doesn’t get satiated, you become restless. But thanks to Shiva or rather thanks to Wikipedia and some blogs from where I learned more about the… Read Article →

The excavations at Damru

Wall art inside one of the houses India is sensational. Stunning landscapes, rich culture and colors that can soothe your senses. The perfect destination for slow traveling. One such destination lies in the heart of this country. Ever heard of Chhattisgarh ? Trust me your trip to India is incomplete without a visit to this simple yet so amazing land. And talking about places to visit, we are much more… Read Article →

Bikaner : Beyond Bhujias and Forts

“Bikaji & Lalji Ke Sweets, Supernet Kotadori saariyan, Chhotu Motu Joshi ki Mithaiyyan, Deshnoke Ki Karni Mata Adbhut Goshala” Bikaner Nahi Dekha To Kya Dekha?? “Bikaji & Lalji’s Sweets, Supernet Kotadori sarees, The sweets of Chhotu Motu Joshi, Goddess Karni of Deshnoke, One amazing Cowshed” If you haven’t seen Bikaner, you haven’t seen anything!!! When you have no clue on where to start from, just head to the hotel reception. “Bhaiyya Junagarh… Read Article →

Hostel Revolution In India

There are some of us who are lucky enough to experience a hostel life in schools or college days. They know what hostel culture is all about. But then there are some of us who never get a chance to witness hostel lifestyle. I belong to the second class. For people like us, we have the concept of backpacker hostels. Here are some of the reasons why everyone should opt for… Read Article →

Evil Spirits and Exorcism : Mehandipur Balaji Temple, Rajasthan

Do you believe in evil spirits ? There’s a saying which goes “If you believe in Gods, then you must believe in black magic too.” What I witnessed at the temple of Balaji in the village of Mehandipur today was supernatural. About the place : The temple of Balaji dedicated to Shree Hanuman is in the village of Mehandipur, 110 kms from Jaipur in the district of Dausa, Rajasthan. Its named… Read Article →

Things to do in Karnataka

When I first entered the state I was unaware of the richness it beholds. It took me almost an year to realize the immense diversity the state has to offer. And the culture which it boasts of is fantastic. Dear Karnataka, I entered your state. And you entered into my heart. Nope it was not love at first sight. You allowed me to stay in Namma Bengaluru and showed how… Read Article →

Finding Peace : Temple Trail In Gokarna

Gokarna, A place popular for its untouched beaches, unexplored islands and rich history! A place which is of prime importance in accordance to Hindu religion but a place where all religions cease to exist. And a new religion starts to take over.  And the new religion is termed as PEACE. You call it freedom! We call it Gokarna!! Disclaimer : If you are looking for an article describing about Gokarna’s untouched… Read Article →