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Graffiti Trail In Gokarna

Before starting the blog post I would like to salute all the graffiti artists all over the world. Here’s a definition of graffiti from our side Graffiti : Draw what you love <3 It takes great deal of patience and dedication to complete a masterpiece. Starting up with great zeal is one thing & to finish off in style is another. Before visiting Gokarna, we tried to research as much… Read Article →

The Gift of the Forest : Kodaikanal

In My City : Kodaikanal : The unique blend of hills covered with Shola plantation & the fragrance of Eucalyptus all around is one of the untold reasons that it’s called as “The Gift of the Forest”. Be it the presence of chilled out climate throughout the year (provided you are staying somewhere close to the lake), delicious chocolates or the Magical fruit, Kodai has it all..!! Are you a nature enthusiast?… Read Article →

In Search of Kartikeya : Kumara Parvatha (Bangalore Mountaineering Club)

Kumara Parvatha : Kumara Parwata or KP as its widely known by trekkers all around India has a lot to offer. Even before we started the trek, we were already soaked in divinity as trek starts near the entrance of the temple Kukke Subramaniya.  Situated at height of 1712 metres in Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, KP is much more than being just “The most challenging trek in South India”.  An epic amalgamation… Read Article →

Southern Chhattisgarh : From those never published folders

Ever since I visited the Chitrakote Falls and the nearby places in my native state Chhattisgarh this June, i had already posted a blog and a vlog on Bastar, Chhattisgarh. I clicked many beautiful pictures on the enthralling journeys. And I had posted selected photos on facebook and instagram as well. But I always wanted to create memories from those discarded pics which we keep it to ourselves. So, whats better than starting… Read Article →

How Maribetta showed me light!!!

I realized the fact that the villages are beautiful throughout the country.. Be it at a remote village in Karnataka named Maribetta : Nothing beats the good old rustic countryside views !!! Take a stroll around the village : And be ready to treat your eyes with the most amazing lake view of your life! And as soon as we saw our base camp, our eyes lit up in joy!! Sheer delight again!!… Read Article →

Yaar ki engagement hai

What happens when a boy from IBM meets a girl from Accenture !! What happens when an Engineer meets a Commerce grad girl !!   Find more  @  

My 1st tattoo !!

Getting inked for the first time is an amazing experience altogether  !! It can almost be compared to the following :- Your 1st kiss 1st day of college Buying your 1st iPhone 😉 Your tattoo is like your baby which is gonna stay with you forever 🙂 So needless to say you need to spend hours about it before getting inked. Well in my case I had some sleepless nights… Read Article →