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In wine, there’s truth.

It is often said that Wine is bottled poetry. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we talk about Wine? Sophistication? Elegance? Not my drink? Christmas? The stylish glass in which it’s served? The word ‘Sula’ or ‘Heritage’ depending on your brand? Of course every thing mentioned above is true but there’s more to it. “People don’t just drink Wine, Wine fills their souls.” Wine Consumption In India : Wine is still considered pretty much a niche drink. “Wine is like the game of Golf in a country full of cricket lovers. Not everyone loves it. Not everyone… Read Article →

Why do we do ‘this’ and ‘that’ ???

Here’s what you missed so far : Yoga and Spirituality : Introduction Yoga and Spirituality : Part  And presenting before you the next part in the continuation :- You can check in here at any time but you can never leave 😉 4 – 5:30 PM : We used to have Ashtanga Yoga sessions for an hour and a half. The difference between Hatha Yoga which we practiced every morning and the… Read Article →

Yoga and Spirituality In Rishikesh : Part 2

Hope  you have read the Part 1 of this journey before coming here. Let’s go ahead with the Yoga proceedings for the day : Get ready for some more fun! 10 AM : Karma Yoga time – In this all the participants are provided a particular task. The task could be anything from cleaning the toilet to sweeping an area to watering the plants. The objective of this task is to… Read Article →

Yoga and Spirituality In Rishikesh : Part 1

What is Yoga ? Sky is the limit. (Image credits : Vigil’s A World Less Traveled ) “Yoga is not just about Asanas or postures. In short, Yoga is not what we people in the West assume it to be”, tells Carolina who is here volunteering in the Ashram for the last few months. She found new love in Yoga while meditating for the first time when she was in… Read Article →

I want to take my blog to the next level #Blogchatter

I was tagged by Ankit to write this post. It has been over an year and a half since I started blogging. The process started initially with just jotting down narratives from my occasional travels. While I love travelling and meeting people personally, I also have found new love in this virtual world of WordPress, Twitter and Instagram. Laptop + a place to write = A Blogger’s delight How I started travelling… Read Article →

Hostel Revolution In India

There are some of us who are lucky enough to experience a hostel life in schools or college days. They know what hostel culture is all about. But then there are some of us who never get a chance to witness hostel lifestyle. I belong to the second class. For people like us, we have the concept of backpacker hostels. Here are some of the reasons why everyone should opt for… Read Article →

From techie to trek Coordinator, Kudremukh

Introduction : Well well well !! What just happened few days ago has still left me in awe!! I was scrolling through my Outlook inbox when I read this message on Whatsapp “Hi Srijal, Would you like to join BMC” The message was sent by Rajesh, a trek coordinator from Bangalore Mountaineering Club with whom we had undertaken the Chikamagalur trek!  I instantly replied : “I would love to..!!” Now this… Read Article →

The story of missing cake !!

Place : Calvins, HSR Layout, Bangalore Date : 24th April, 2015  Life is not a cake walk though 😉 Have you ever tried Red Velvet Cup-Cake ? If the answer is no, then what are you waiting for !! The amazing texture of beetroot mixed with Vanilla & butter-milk makes it a joy to eat 🙂 So this was the flavor of cake we had initially decided for Pranjal’s birthday with… Read Article →

Spa Review : Magic Hands, HSR Layout

Tired on a friday evening ? Bored on a Sunday ? Need a hair cut on a Monday morning ?   If the answer to any of the above questions is Yes : “Come to Magic Hands, HSR Layout” ( a Spa located in HSR Layout Bangalore )   The place is refreshing, soothing & rejuvenating. The manager is genuinely helpful & the people here are not just to  make profits… Read Article →