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The Urby Slim Wallet

Tired of searching  your debit cards and other essentials while travelling? Here’s the solution : THE URBY SLIM WALLET ! Slim n trim Slim and sexy fitting all that you need 😉 Comes under a nice packing 🙂   You will also fall in love with the packaging and the added personal touch. Your slim wallet is uniquely made for you. I was pleasantly surprised to receive the wallet with… Read Article →

And that’s why we love Namma Bangalore and Hyderabad.

There is a huge influx of people from around the country to the cities of Hyderabad and Bangalore. It is often said that “You can check in here at any time. But you can never leave.” What comes to your mind when you think about Hyderabad ? Paradise Biriyani? Charminar? Karachi Bakery? Similarly when we talk about Bangalore, more often than not the first thing that comes to our mind… Read Article →

An unusual trip to Wayanad – Trek and hike

Abhishek shares his account of his experiences in Wayanad. Brace yourselves fellows!!! A trip to Wayanad runs like a picturesque movie with the lush greenery and the chilly weather as welcome companions. You can indulge in some relaxation or dive right into an action-packed adventure; there’s surprisingly just so many places to visit in Wayanad and plenty more to do in this little hill station. As it is so well-connected… Read Article →