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Justice for Flight Lieutenant Ankit Agarwal

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” -Martin Luther King, Jr. Our hearts fill with rage when a crime of this nature takes place in a so called civil society. Meet Flight lieutenant Ankit Agarwal from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. A son who is trying to make this nation proud by serving the prestigious Indian Air Force. Fighter pilot by profession, whose impeccable flying skills with Mirage had even won him… Read Article →

Dark Tourism Circuit : Jashpur, Chhattisgarh

“Aap Akele aye hain Jashpur? Kis purpose se? Ghumne!!  Akele ghumiyega Jashpur? Pistol wagerah to rakhe honge na licence ke sath? These were the words of the receptionist sitting at the guest house when she heard that I was on a solo backpacking trip to Jashpur. Her reaction was equivalent to that of “Mai tumhare bacchon ka baap banne wala hu.”Let me now tell you the reason for her giving… Read Article →

Travel Hacks for a Happy Holiday

Travel Hacks for a Happy Holiday When planning a holiday, there is often two things you keep in mind when picking your destination- time and money! But other than these two important criteria, what else should you consider while planning that perfect holiday? Read on to find out… Think out of the box A mistake a lot of us make is getting fixated on a particular destination. There are some… Read Article →

Beyond Bullets & bloodshed : Bastar

The beginning : “Turn up the volume of the Music System & switch on the lights”, said the driver as soon as we entered the Kanker region. “Why?? Have we entered the ‘Naxal’ region”,  I asked out of curiosity!  “Don’t use that word again”, I heard from someone sitting at the back. You can use the word “Daadi” to refer to them. These were some of the general or Jungle… Read Article →

Kashmir, As It Is.

“Kashmir Under Curfew.” “Stone pelting continues, unrest in Valley.” “Uri terror attack. 17 soldiers killed. 19 injured” Let’s begin an epic trail. These were some of the headlines that had been doing the rounds when we were planning for the trip. It got bloodier when Burhan Wani, a commander of Kashmir based militant outfit, died on July 2016. Kashmir which was once famous for its picturesque hills and breathtaking valleys has… Read Article →

In wine, there’s truth.

It is often said that Wine is bottled poetry. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we talk about Wine? Sophistication? Elegance? Not my drink? Christmas? The stylish glass in which it’s served? The word ‘Sula’ or ‘Heritage’ depending on your brand? Of course every thing mentioned above is true but there’s more to it. “People don’t just drink Wine, Wine fills their souls.” Wine Consumption In India : Wine is still considered pretty much a niche drink. “Wine is like the game of Golf in a country full of cricket lovers. Not everyone loves it. Not everyone… Read Article →

And that’s why we love Namma Bangalore and Hyderabad.

There is a huge influx of people from around the country to the cities of Hyderabad and Bangalore. It is often said that “You can check in here at any time. But you can never leave.” What comes to your mind when you think about Hyderabad ? Paradise Biriyani? Charminar? Karachi Bakery? Similarly when we talk about Bangalore, more often than not the first thing that comes to our mind… Read Article →

Beyond Infinity : In pursuit of blissfulness.

I welcome you all to read the concluding chapter of the series Yoga and Sprituality in Rishikesh. Since I have used all my pictures in last 3 posts. I’ll try and explain things making use of FreeImages. What’s meditation? Image Credits : ( Aladim) Hadler Meditation is a journey in which you discover your true self. Your ‘true self’ is not the one which you think you are. It is… Read Article →

Why do we do ‘this’ and ‘that’ ???

Here’s what you missed so far : Yoga and Spirituality : Introduction Yoga and Spirituality : Part  And presenting before you the next part in the continuation :- You can check in here at any time but you can never leave 😉 4 – 5:30 PM : We used to have Ashtanga Yoga sessions for an hour and a half. The difference between Hatha Yoga which we practiced every morning and the… Read Article →

Yoga and Spirituality In Rishikesh : Part 2

Hope  you have read the Part 1 of this journey before coming here. Let’s go ahead with the Yoga proceedings for the day : Get ready for some more fun! 10 AM : Karma Yoga time – In this all the participants are provided a particular task. The task could be anything from cleaning the toilet to sweeping an area to watering the plants. The objective of this task is to… Read Article →