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It was a Sunday morning. And it was friendship day as well 🙂
How do you normally celebrate your friendship day ?

  • Go out for a movie with your group.
  • Eat out at your favorite restaurant with friends.
  • What’s friendship day. It’s just another day :p

We all have celebrated this day in the above mentioned ways. So we wanted something different this time. Something really offbeat! And after reading a few suggestions in quora, we decided “Nrityagram” it will be!!

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An artist’s paradise :
The word Nrityagram, means dance-village.
Here’s what Nrityagram means to it’s founder, Protima Gauri :

“It is a community of dancers in a forsaken place amidst nature. A place where nothing exists, except dance. A place where you breathe, eat, sleep, dream, talk, imagine – dance. A place where all the five senses can be refined to perfection. A place where dancers drop negative qualities such as jealousy, small-mindedness, greed and malice to embrace their colleagues as sisters and support each other in their journey towards becoming dancers of merit.”

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Life in a gurukul :
Based on what I have heard and seen about this place, they are really living each day! When I say ‘living’, it doesn’t necessarily have to do something with money. Nrityagram sets a wonderful example of a place where people are busy doing what they love to! They follow the age-old tradition of Guru-shishya which we rarely see in today’s fast paced competitive world

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Outreach program for kids on Sundays 🙂

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You see those sculptures, that’s how your gestures and curves should be – said the Guru to the shishyas.

As per this ancient method, students look after and care for their Guru by growing fruit and vegetables on the land, cooking, cleaning, and earning through dance recitals.

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                                                                               No this is not Cubbon Park or Lal Bagh!!

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This is inside the premises of Gurukul. “Aangan” as we say in Hindi. Fruits and veggies are grown in the premises itself making it a self sustaining village.

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And that’s where the dancers stay 🙂

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Be ready to be charmed by good old rustic views everywhere… 🙂

How to reach Nritygram :
Nrityagram, near hessarghatta is just 70 kms from Bangalore. The connectivity by Nice Road makes it a joy-ride. Use your own vehicle or go on a cycle safari organized by many groups in Bangalore.

Entry Fees:
Less than your cup of CCD coffee :p
Just Rs 50.

Tip : Get cash along with you. Cards won’t work in this part of the state.

Where to stay : Just in case you are coming from far off, there is a resort provided by Taj Kuteeram. For me it was just a day outing. So I didn’t bother to stay! 🙂

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“I have heard phrases like ‘You love mountains more or beaches ?’
To which my answer would be : This world is not just about mountains or beaches or shopping malls 😉
Let’s do something Offbeat…!!!

“If you want to do some soul searching, visit Nrityagram”
#Dedicated To The Explorer In You.

And thank you guys @Awasthi & @Omi for joining me in the last moment when I had lost hopes on anyone. Happy friendship week guys

Liked reading? Suggest me more places which you want me to present to the world. I’d be really grateful 🙂 

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