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I followed my heart. It took me to some of the most fascinating places across India. It has been an amazing journey. Meanwhile my work got featured in some really cool places like the following.

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Top Travel Blogs about Offbeat Destinations

Vunique Travellers

Blogger of the Month ( December 2015 )

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Navabharat Sunday Times

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Chhattisgarh Tourism

Chhattisgarh Tourism  2015 : Niagara Of India

Chhattisgarh Tourism 2015  : En Route Bastar

Lonely Planet India

Lonely Planet India 2016 : Foodgasm In Bikaner

Amazing India

Hampi : Purview

Kudremukh National Park : The Green Carpet

Kamakhya Temple : Outside View

Rangeelo Rajasthan

Jaisalmer Fort : Amazing Colors

Thar Desert : Folk Singer

Jodhpur : Into the blue

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IndiaTimes :

Dying Lakes of India


Resigning my corporate job to backpack across India

Graffiti Trail In Gokarna

The Silk Sholay : Ramanagara

The Gift of the forest : Kodaikanal

A day in the Land Of Temples : Assam

Evil Spirits & Exorcism : Mehandipur Balaji\


Beyond Bhujias and Forts : Bikaner


In Search of Karthikeya : Kumara Parwatha

Le Pension

Traveler of the Week

Medium ( A Different Perspective )

A walk to remember

How Maribetta showed me light ?    

Vunique Travelers

Show me the Unseen : Garoland (Chapter 1)

Show me the Unseen : Garoland (Chapter 2)

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From a tourist to a traveler,

To a writer, photographer and more importantly an observer.

To an explorer, reader and a better human being.

The journey has changed me in multiple ways.

When are ‘You’ taking the leap of Faith?

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