Justice for Flight Lieutenant Ankit Agarwal

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our hearts fill with rage when a crime of this nature takes place in a so called civil society. Meet Flight lieutenant Ankit Agarwal from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. A son who is trying to make this nation proud by serving the prestigious Indian Air Force. Fighter pilot by profession, whose impeccable flying skills with Mirage had even won him the President’s award for best trainee fighter pilot of our country.

“If you want to change the system, be the system” they said. And that’s what he did. But he was Unaware about what Future had in store for him.

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These were some of the newspaper articles doing the rounds.

Here’s a video link from News18 for the same :

Sparks flew between them, they fell in love. This relationship was not approved by girl’s parents. Being adults, they decided to run and tie the knot. This was a mutual decision. It was the 10th of October, 2019 when they got married in an Arya Mandir somewhere in Gwalior.

But what followed was tragic. Ankit started getting life threats from the girl’s side. When they were not able to reach him as Ankit being a reputed IAF officer, they decided to attack his family. It was the 17th of October, when Humanity died. Ankit’s dad Shri Yograj Agarwal who was on his way to work was abducted. And what followed was the most gruesome and inhuman form of crime. Ankit’s dad was taken to one of the factories in Khursipar region of Bhilai. Beaten mercilessly and obnoxious faecal matter was used on him by girl’s influential dad, Bansi Agarwal and goons. Uncle was then paraded in broad daylight with black ink all over his face. Imagine all this indignity being committed to an airforce officer’s dad.

Source : Newpowergame

Talk about injustice, it took 9 hours for the police just to file an FIR under sections 341,342,323,506,355,34 of IPC. All these being bailable sections, the perpetrators walked free in less than 24 hours.

These are the sons who fight for the nation. And when it comes to their families protection, the question remains unanswered. It is utter sad and ironic to see Ankit feel so helpless about his family’s safety, the same Ankit who wouldn’t display the slightest emotion of fear while flying Mirage at staggering heights.

The alarming part : Even before Ankit could submit his application before SP. The girl’s side being highly influential, have already submitted their false story before the SP. And now they are threatening Ankit that they might even file a fake rape case against him. And please don’t get me started on Rape laws here.

Article 14 says that The State shall not discrminate on the basis on age, sex, caste, religion or place of birth. Yes, the word ‘income’ and ‘influence’ are not mentioned here.

Sorry Ankit. We don’t deserve officers like you. We are the same breed who put whatsapp dp’s of wing commander Abhindan after surgical strikes. The same breed who cry after watching Rang De Basanti in theaters. But when an injustice like RDB happens in real life, who cares man.

I hope you are safe till the time I post this on my blog.

FYI : Still no justice has been served to his dad and his life is under contant threat. But we will fight, we stand united, we won’t give up. We are with you Ankit. As the saying goes, “Truth can be delayed, but not destroyed.”

  1. Some one marries of ur beloved child, what pain must have girls parents have gone through. People have respect their, cast, religion… And so on. If your intellectual thoughts hinders.. This, please remove all sort of caste ans reservation in India.

    1. U have a sick thought process… U are the same guy who promotes uneccesary reservations to undeserving people… How is love and caste related… The guy loved the girl… Girl loved the officer… He has one of the finest job profile that anybody else can just imagine in their dreams… And u choose to disrespect him by beating his parents.. shame on you and your family… Worng upbringing…

      Now if you feel so bad about it … Why don’t you cross the air force gates and go and catch that officer on your own… Because you do not have balls to do that… Because you know you will be shot in the first place itself… I wish I could get a hold of you… And shoot you myself…

    2. If two adult wish to marry each other you and I are supposed to respect it beyond caste creer and religion.

      FYI : They both are Agarwals. These things dont necessarily matter though. Pls get well soon.

  2. Seems like you are owning your child by loving her. Being a father you should love you childern but at a same time provide them space so they take their life decision by themself. Parents sholud only be the guiding light not the controling authority. It is very sad that people still live in medieval time.

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