My 1st tattoo !!

Getting inked for the first time is an amazing experience altogether  !! It can almost be compared to the following :-

  • Your 1st kiss
  • 1st day of college
  • Buying your 1st iPhone 😉

Your tattoo is like your baby which is gonna stay with you forever 🙂 So needless to say you need to spend hours about it before getting inked. Well in my case I had some sleepless nights just thinking about what my tattoo is gonna be.

Tattooing process :

So what comes to your mind when you think of your 1st tattoo  ??

  • Needles
  • Pain

Well well well hang on !!

The above mentioned things are just about 5 % of the overall experience.

I was excited and nervous at the same time before entering the tattoo parlour. I felt glad to meet my tattoo artist Mr. Karthik Bengre.

t1                                   ( Mr Karthik at work )

This guy is just amazing.  The way he welcomes his clients is just fantastic. I got a chance to learn a lot about art  from him apart from getting an amazing tattoo.

IMG_1703( Before getting inked , I was being introduced to dear needles 😉

As my tattoo design was still getting ready, I clicked some random shots of the studio.
                               IMG_1699                              Mr Karthik’s work !!

So here we go now !! I was shit scared before the process began.

But as the needle touched my 1st layer of skin. It felt sensational. I mean there was no pain at all. With Tycho’s Awake music being played on the background, I felt comfortably numb !!

Mr Karthik, with a smile on his face asked me . “Bro howz the pain ??”

I replied, “Its kind of nice 😛 “.   He was stunned to hear the reply. And then he said to me, “Man I have tattooed many people but no one has responded  in such a manner, that it’s nice ” . And then he gave me a high five.  I was not being sarcastic here. I was actually enjoying the overall process. This was altogether a new experience.

Lessons learned from Karthik : 

Once you start doing what you are passionate about, then each day lived is like “living your dream !!!”

Here’s a guy from Mangalore, creating some amazing designs in his studio daily. He is a management student . After working in various sectors including IT, he felt that he was not doing justice to himself.

He always wanted to be recognized himself as an “Artist” !!

So he left his paycheck & decided to do something in the field of art.

Yes, the path was difficult initially. But now he has that satisfaction on his face.  He added that the kind of experience he gains each day by meeting new people is what keeps him going..!!

” Its not always about the money . Money will eventually come when you follow your dreams ”

– Karthik

The Idea :

Well one thing I was pretty sure of that my 1st tattoo will be dedicated to my mom <3

She has gone through 9 months of endless pain to bring me in this world. So it would be my pleasure to get my 1st tattoo dedicated to her. And trust me ” The pleasure is worth the pain ”

The Thought Process :

I researched a lot about it. I took help from almost everyone possible. I went through all the famous celebrities like David Bekham’s famous hindi “Victoria” tattoo, to Priyanka Chopra’s “Daddy’s lil girl” & who can forget Adam Levine’s “Tapas” on his chest. But I couldn’t find my answers.  I just couldn’t settle down. My quest for my 1st tattoo was still not over. I wanted something that would define what I feel for my mother.I wanted a tinge of Sanskrit for 2 reasons :-

  • Sanskrit is one of the oldest known languages in the world
  • It looks cool 😉

I went through many Sanskrit words and then came across the word  VATSALYA” meaning mother’s love. I decided to add the word “DIVINE”  as I wanted something which would be personal & unique . And at the same time these 2 words sums up everything which I feel about mummy. 



Tattoo Explained : 

Divine : It means something which is beyond everything. Beyond great , beyond heavenly , beyond infinity. And that’s how she has been to me . The things that she has done for me is just incredible. My mom has been the source of positivity & inspiration. I could talk hours on this . Mothers are like that, I mean 🙂

Which reminds me of a quote from Rumi. I’ll re quote it for you in my own way :-

“Beyond every concept of right & wrong doings there’s a path I’ll meet you there, my dear mom”

Vatsalya : It means mother’s love. And it sounds way too  cool. Well I had spent hours going through many sanskrit words before finding this word.

Divine Vatsalya combined, makes a deadly combination which is unique . I am sure no one has this tattoo already. So I can call it my creation, my baby 🙂  And that’s what I wanted !!

Conclusion : 

Getting a tattoo was always on my wishlist. But I never knew that that the overall experience is gonna be no less than “divine” 😉


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