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I followed my heart. It took me to some of the most fascinating places across India. It has been an amazing journey. Meanwhile my work got featured in some really cool places like the following. Featured Blogs Under : Holidify Top Travel Blogs about Offbeat Destinations Vunique Travellers Blogger of the Month ( December 2015 ) Featured on Print Media : Navabharat Sunday Times Featured Pictures Across Social Media Platforms :… Read Article →

Hostel Revolution In India

There are some of us who are lucky enough to experience a hostel life in schools or college days. They know what hostel culture is all about. But then there are some of us who never get a chance to witness hostel lifestyle. I belong to the second class. For people like us, we have the concept of backpacker hostels. Here are some of the reasons why everyone should opt for… Read Article →

The Bibliophile’s Paradise : Jaipur Literature Festival

Before coming to Jaipur, I just had the International Kite Festival on my bucket list which happens on 14th of January every year. After coming here I realized the buzz of the upcoming Literature Festival. I decided to give it a shot for just a day and ended up extending my stay for the entire course of the festival. Where It Happens : Hotel Diggi Palace in the month of… Read Article →

Evil Spirits and Exorcism : Mehandipur Balaji Temple, Rajasthan

Do you believe in evil spirits ? There’s a saying which goes “If you believe in Gods, then you must believe in black magic too.” What I witnessed at the temple of Balaji in the village of Mehandipur today was supernatural. About the place : The temple of Balaji dedicated to Shree Hanuman is in the village of Mehandipur, 110 kms from Jaipur in the district of Dausa, Rajasthan. Its named… Read Article →

In My City : Kohima

“The most striking fact about Kohima is the sense of freedom which you get to witness on the streets. The most fashionably dressed girls and guys. Wear what you love and nobody bothers. You won’t get those strange eye stares from people around you. No I am not talking about Las Vegas or a place far off. I am talking about our very own Kohima. Talk about style and each… Read Article →


Before starting the blog let me share some useful contact numbers which might come in handy if you plan to visit the state of Nagaland. ILP DC Court Dimapur  : 011-23013751 Hotel Pine Kohima : 9436001041 (Mr. Suraj Kumar) How to reach Kohima : The only way to reach Kohima is through Dimapur. Dimapur is the gateway to Nagaland. It has a dedicated railway station as well as an airport…. Read Article →

The land of temples : Assam

What will you do if you have to spend one day in the land of Assam ? Take the spiritual path the next time you are in Assam. Start from none another than the most famous temple of Kamakhya. The temple of Kamakhya is of utmost importance in Guwahati. People from all over the world come here to seek blessings of Goddess Kamakhya. About Goddess Kamakhya :      … Read Article →


There are people who love to explore places. Adding new places to their check list gives them a sense of achievement and happiness. And then there are 2nd category of  people who are ‘in the moment’ travelers. They just live in the present. They would not mind making plans on the go. They won’t bother missing a place or two which was planned, in order to experience something unique which… Read Article →

The Goddamn Human!

You don’t have an effulgence of the moon or sun. But you are a goddamn star. You may not have a place to stay, But that doesn’t stop you from staying alive. You may not be the Jack of all trades, But that doesn’t stop you from trying out new things. You may not be the best in the business, But when you talk, you always talk business. You may… Read Article →

Things to do in Karnataka

When I first entered the state I was unaware of the richness it beholds. It took me almost an year to realize the immense diversity the state has to offer. And the culture which it boasts of is fantastic. Dear Karnataka, I entered your state. And you entered into my heart. Nope it was not love at first sight. You allowed me to stay in Namma Bengaluru and showed how… Read Article →