Ramnagar : A hidden gem

I will start with a quote this time :

“It’s all about following those trails !!” 


You will connect to it if you have ever trekked before 🙂

Most of us travel with our loved ones. Confine us within those close friends and end up interacting with them, the whole time. And come back with some good memories. But what we lose out is that we don’t get the chance to talk much to others. If you have never made a solo trip before, your life is half incomplete! Trust me on this one 😀

DCIM100GOPROBut by ‘travelling solo’, I am not referring to staying in fancy resorts or amazing resorts. But by staying close to the wilderness 🙂

So I started all alone clueless about how things will turn out. Booked a day’s trip to Ramnagar through Bangalore Mountaineering Club.

But what followed was a day full of thrill, adventure and a lot of amazing new friends. Many of us are still in touch on facebook 😉

2015-06-07 10.17.51


“Travel with your closed ones to enjoy life but travel solo once in a while to understand the deeper meaning of life!”

Ramnagar  ( The place less explored ) : “Sholay” , one of the most successful movies in the history of Indian cinema had a village titled “Ramgarh”.  And the village ‘Ramgarh’ shown in the movie is none other than”Ramnagar” itself!


2015-06-07 08.42.58

“Kitney Aadmi thhey Samba !!” – was shot here 🙂


At a distance of just 50 kms from Bangalore, this place is a hidden gem! A nice weekend get away option for Bangaloreans 🙂

Away from the city’s hustle and bustle, Ramnagar has a lot to offer for adventure seekers. You can start with

1) Trekking, to warm yourselves. It’s an easy trek. Just walk a few kilometers  and you are there 🙂 And on the way you will find scenes like this :



After trekking next was :  2) Zip-Lining!

This was a pretty basic activity. Good for kids 😉 But if you seriously wish to do a zip-line,  Costa Rica should be the place to be:)

2015-06-07 11.27.27


Lets make it a bit tougher.

3)Rappelling, was next on the list.

At a height of about 30 feet, this is a good place to start with, for beginners like me.

2015-06-07 12.12.51

Special thanks to Mr. Sourabh Kothari. He was the hero of the show. Got some motivation and positive enthusiasm after seeing his work during trekking and all the other activities.


He is a guy who works at a reputed I.T firm for 5 days a week & organizes some really cool treks on weekends. Hats off man!
Keep up the fantastic work & spirit 🙂 ( *read Kudos! )

So far all the activities were nice. But my favorite turned out to be the next one.

4) Chimney-Climbing :

Its a proper test of your physical endurance & mental strength. It’s  a type of abseiling practiced in places where rocks are too close to each other. Even a 40 feet high wall is nothing to climb once you listen attentively to the instructor’s words. There were times when I felt like what next!! How do I move up now!

2015-06-07 15.26.13
But thanks to all the trainers out there for taking proper care & encouraging us whenever it was needed.

2015-06-07 15.26.18

Keep calm & chimney climb 😀

2015-06-07 10.22.17


But the feeling after reaching the top was incredible! It was thrilling plus soothing at the same time :). After climbing 40 ft,  It was so wonderful that I decided to go again 🙂

Yeahh!! I can imagine how Bear Grylls must be feeling while shooting the famous show “Man Vs Wild” on Discovery channel :p


Budget & Facilities :

Rs. 1500 which includes all the activities mentioned above plus your transportation, snacks, breakfast, drinking water & lunch 🙂

Yup! Toiletries are provided at the base camp.

Again thanks to BMC for taking all the pain.

Now tell me what else do you need to survive 😉

Cost of eating out + drinks in a decent pub : 1500/-

Cost of doing the above listed things : 1500 🙂 

– The choice is all yours 🙂





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