Sky full of Stars : “Coorg”

Being in IT Sector, I work for 5 days a week waiting for the 2 days of weekend in which I can fully let go.These are the 2 days in which I live for myself. So apart from work, whenever I get idle time, I keep myself busy planning for my next escape, ie). next road trip 🙂

20th March, 2015

Coorg : Now I had always read about this place as “The Scotland of India” !! Finally got the chance to visit it.

2015-03-14 07.37.19


Friday Night : 10 PM

All set to go..!! The 10 of us decided to gather at Accenture Bannerghatta  where the Traveller was waiting for us. The plan was to leave at 10:30 PM. But damn it!! We got late by an hour. Courtesy : Mr Sharath ( who was busy solving a god-damn so called “High-Priority Incident” in the office.  After endless waiting, he finally came out of the office. So the next few hours passed by criticizing Sharath. And rightly so, who the fuck works on friday nights  man! Fridays are meant for partying or the start of road trips 🙂

The journey had begun.  As we moved past the Mysore Road, weather became cooler.  Next thing I remember was getting high 😉 I don’t know why but  everything felt incredibly-awesome. At 3:00 AM, we stopped at Empire restaurant situated at Maddur (  on Mysore road ).

2015-03-14 02.18.583 AM , EMPIRE , What else you need !!!!
2015-03-14 02.17.16

We started with desserts :-p .The fact that Empire serves mouth-watering faloodas even at this point of time made me feel so happy. Then we ordered varieties of Dosas including Keema-chicken Dosa, which was okayish :p  But the best part was yet to come. If you ever visit any Empire, don’t forget to order Lemon-Soda Pitcher ! The icing on the cake was the presence of Pan-shop next to it where we had our share of “Maghai Paan” 🙂

2015-03-14 07.31.36

Our Camp-site

Mornings at Coorg :

We finally reached Coorg at 5 in the morning. Thanks to thrillophilia for giving us an opportunity to stay in so close to nature( almost in the middle of jungle 🙂 .

2015-03-14 07.29.29 And there we were welcomed by Bahadur who took great care of us. The first thing which he said was ” Guys here’s your badminton rackets & other playing stuffs like football & cricket. You guys can play as long as you wish to. Meanwhile he prepared tea & breakfast for us.


2015-03-14 07.52.40

We felt thrilled to see a badminton court, trampoline & large open land for playing cricket & football. I instantly jumped on the trampoline.

2015-03-14 07.59.23This incident brought back memories of childhood in front of my eyes where mom used to prepare breakfast when we were busy playing outdoor games 🙂

2015-03-14 08.05.38
2015-03-14 10.04.15

Sumptous Lunch 😀

After filling our stomachs we went to visit some places near
by like Raja-seat & Chevalra water-falls, but sadly fountains weren’t a treat to watch in March. The best time to visit Coorg would be December-January

2015-03-14 13.06.47


Night-life in Coorg :

After a long tiring day, we came back to our camps.

2015-03-14 20.27.46 Bon-fire & snacks were already waiting for us. Groups of people were  having their own bon-fires.

Dinner at Coorg :

Again thanks to Bahadur for serving us variety of delicacies including Chicken Pakodas & Cutlet.

2015-03-14 21.03.24

I decided to sleep beneath the stars . And guess what, fireflies were surrounding the leaves of trees just above my head. So I decided to listen to my favorite songs like ‘Sky full of stars’  & it was like meditation. Few drops of water sprinkled on my face & it was drizzling. This was amazing.



So after booze & all & lot of fun filled activities, we decided to trek..!!

We woke up at 4:30 in the morning & went towards the Trekking hill. And on the way, I again dozed of in our bus. At around  6 in the morning we reached & everyone started feeling rejuvenated after reaching the place.

2015-03-15 07.13.03

We started our trek. It was a long walk of 14 kms to & fro journey. After walking a km or so, there were 2 paths in front of us.

2015-03-15 07.34.53 After lot of guess work, Sharath decided that we should we should take the wrong one, out of gut feeling. As he was a Coorgie, we believed in him. But we were wrong. The other path was the right one. So we had to add 2 more kms to our journey. The journey was like a life-experience to me. I could see 50 shades of my life flashing in that journey.

2015-03-15 07.41.00

I saw changing colours of Sun. It started getting warmer. Every other passing trekker had a sympathetic feeling for one another.


As I walked more,2015-03-15 08.23.01

I saw this…

2015-03-15 08.22.07

And this..!!!

The last 2 kms were the most difficult part. We had to climb. I started saying to myself ” What
doesn’t kills you makes you stronger”. As I walked more I could see flash back of my life in front of my eyes. Maybe this was a dream. Exactly 1.5 years ago, a neurological disease which happens to 1 in a million had stuck me. I was semi-paralyzed for 6 months. Staying in wheelchair & bed most of the times I felt like when will I be able to start exploring more. When will I be abe to walk, run & fly again !!

And guess what, today I am hitting push-ups on such awesome places

2015-03-15 23.38.06
1.5 years after was the answer. So here I was leading my group & motivating some of them on the way. It felt like this was in my dreams an year ago for me. And today I am stronger from inside as well as outside. Time is the biggest healer.   Whatever I had gone through in life was unknown from others. So no one realized what I felt on being the first member in my group to reach the top. That feeling was divine. So I decided to dedicate this act of mine to my mom, who has done things which I could never repay.

2015-03-15 23.50.20

I was literally feeling high . I slept there on the rocks. This sleep of 20 minutes was one of the most peaceful & satiating sleep of my life. I felt more alive than I ever was.

Life lesson : This was my first ever trekking experience. And I must say, does teach you a lot. You get to know more about yourself. You re-discover your capabilities. For a person like me, who doesn’t even walk a kilometer in daily routine, this experience of walking 14 kms was something  incredible. Don’t under-estimate yourself. Travel,  explore & stay awesome 🙂


This week’s message :
” Live  a life you will remember !!” 🙂

Stay tuned for next blog : “What happens when a Central Indian dude visits God’s own country ”


  1. Dear Micky, We really proud of you. You sat example for so many people. Nice to see you much stronger and matured than before. Take care & God bless you.

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