Southern Chhattisgarh : From those never published folders

Ever since I visited the Chitrakote Falls and the nearby places in my native state Chhattisgarh this June, i had already posted a blog and a vlog on Bastar, Chhattisgarh. I clicked many beautiful pictures on the enthralling journeys. And I had posted selected photos on facebook and instagram as well. But I always wanted to create memories from those discarded pics which we keep it to ourselves. So, whats better than starting the ‘discarded pics’ trend from the magical Southern Chhattisgarh !

Presenting the discarded memories from my trip to my homeland 🙂

 The journey started with a dash of rain. Don’t you worry child says Lord Ganesha:)



A beautiful family sitting on the side 🙂


A man carrying all his items for selling on a bicycle !


This one is straight from a painter’s creativity


The beautiful ladies selling fruits. Look closely for the ‘Chhattisgarhi’ jewelries 🙂

Different shades of Green !


The good old beautiful home , away from those FLATS and APARTMENTS !!


A great way to be welcomed by Jagdalpur city 🙂


The idols of Rama, Sita and Laxman, depicting the times when these three used to dwell in the Dandakaranya forests near Bastar, according to the Ramayana.


Danteshwari Temple : It is believed that this temple is the  spot where the Daanth or Tooth of Sati fell, during the episode when all the Shakti shrines were created in the Satya Yuga. This is the place from where the famous ‘Bastar Dusshera festival’ starts.



Bastar handicrafts : Watch how beautifully the art work and the design has been done on this small canon.


And when we reached the Tirathgarh Falls, beautiful white waters blended with the lush green cover all around 



And finally.. the Chitrakote Falls, The Niagara of India. As magnificent and grand as it gets



I never thought that I was creating some everlasting memories. All I thought was that I was having fun:)

Do what You Love <3

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