Step into my shoes : A Travel Writer

Yes we are one content crazy creatures. We are always more than willing to go more than an extra mile just to get that perfect shot. Be it with a smartphone camera or a DSLR  or whatever we have at that instant we are always prepared for that one candid moment that comes along the way. We are more than just tourists, we are goddamn explorers!

rainy-Hassan@Chennakeshava Temple, Haasan.

Even while you are eating your favorite meal we are not just observing you but capturing you, even if you are unaware 😉

DSC_0747                    @Saravana Bhavan, Chennai

Even when you’re driving :


                                                                                                                    @Bhilai-Durg Road.

Or Inking :-

t3                                                 @Skulp Tattoos, Bangalore

Watch out, coz I am following the lens that leads to you 😉

IMG_7526                                                                              @Chikmagaluru

And the stories that goes in our minds, even we don’t understand them at times!
By god’s grace, (as they say) we have the ability to adjust, adapt and then improvise with respect to any place 🙂
We love taking selfies where-ever we go :
Let’s click one for the company 🙂


Let’s click a selfie with the Sun 😉


We equally love Panoramic Mode :



@Chitrakot Falls, Chhattisgarh


We try our best to take out our gadgets to capture the right moment at the right time.


 And we are also aware of when to just totally let go!2015-04-11 18.27.56

                                                                                                                                     @Varkala Beach, Kerala

Dad’s era Vs The present age :

” A pen is mightier than a sword “

Well if you ask me the same, I’d say
“Gone are those days!!!”
That’s because I don’t remember when was the last time I used a pen, other than for signing a form for lost ATM card in a bank 😉
Times have changed now. And I am glad that it changed for good 🙂

“Notes” of your smartphone has replaced the conventional “dear diary”.
FullSizeRender (31)                                                                                     Pic Courtesy : Pranjal Sahu

Websites like lePension have replaced the hassles of booking rooms or as we have the new trend : “Backpacker’s hostel”.
Well kudos to these people who are coming up with such bright ideas!
” 500 per person for one night stay in Jaipur “, reads their website. That too in an AC room. Now this is the welcome change that I was talking about.

Being a tourist and being a traveler:

“When I visit a new place, I love the cozy feeling of mattresses which they offer in a 5 star restaurant.

And the lavish washroom with a JBL installed in it totally suits me!

I don’t feel like coming out of the hotel room. And why should I care to come out. We have room service at the press of a button”

IMG_0448Picture Courtesy : Pranjal Sahu

The sort of words you are likely to hear from a tourist :

 “I made 6 new friends when I visited Banaras this time.”

And yes we are thrilled during landing and take off a plane, opposite to the mainstream. But It pains us deeply when we see littering. It doesn’t just spoil the beauty of Mother Nature but also makes a hole in our heart 🙁


Every road trip is not just an ‘escape’ but a new life lesson for us 🙂 
And our favorite place is next to the driver’s seat from where we get some amazing views from the windshield :

IMG_83262015-05-17 19.35.51

We would love to hit the road on our favorite bikes or cars.

Nothing beats a Royal Enfield ride @Goa!!

But when it isn’t possible, we are ready to go ahead with the trip on an overcrowded bus or whatever it takes us to reach the destination 🙂

“It’s all about going out of your comfort zone”

And yeah, we do suffer from our worst possible nightmare ie). Creative block 🙁
ie). a point comes in our lives where we are short of creative ideas.

IMG_015n5                                                                        @Munnar : Thank You Pranjal Sahu for the pic!

“Show me the places that you have visited & I’ll tell you the type of traveler you are.”
– srijalism

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