The story of missing cake !!

Place : Calvins, HSR Layout, Bangalore

Date : 24th April, 2015

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 Life is not a cake walk though 😉

Have you ever tried Red Velvet Cup-Cake ?

If the answer is no, then what are you waiting for !! The amazing texture of beetroot mixed with Vanilla & butter-milk makes it a joy to eat 🙂 So this was the flavor of cake we had initially decided for Pranjal’s birthday with the message : “TOR B’DAY HEY”

But destiny had other plans. There was no red-velvet cake present. We decided to go for mixed fruit cake. But our cake was accidentally delivered to someone else. The store persons tried getting back our cake, but it was too late 🙁  I am still wondering what that person must have gone through after receiving our cake with the message “TOR B’DAY HEY” ( In Chhattisgarhi ) meaning “It’s your b’day”, in English. At last we decided to go ahead with Kiwi cake.

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 (Our final cake)

Mr or Miss. Anonymous : I don’t know who you are. But If you are reading this post, just smile 🙂 . If it’s destiny, we can meet over a cup of coffee ( in case you are Miss. Anonymous 😉 ) And belated happy birthday to you 🙂


Note : If anyone is able to find the person with our mixed-fruit flavored missing cake. Just drop me a message in comments below :-

And one more thing ,

“Stay awesome & eat Red Velvet cake 🙂 ”




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