Travel Hacks for a Happy Holiday

Travel Hacks for a Happy Holiday

When planning a holiday, there is often two things you keep in mind when picking your destination- time and money! But other than these two important criteria, what else should you consider while planning that perfect holiday? Read on to find out…

Think out of the box

A mistake a lot of us make is getting fixated on a particular destination. There are some destinations that are evergreen. We all know people who fall in love with destinations- they are always headed to Goa, Bangkok or Kerala. There’s nothing wrong with going with what you know, but occasionally it’s good to challenge yourself to an adventure. Try a mountain trek rather than your usual beach holiday and push yourself to see more of the world.

Be Flexible with Dates

The more width you give to picking your holiday dates, the better deals you will get on your tickets and accommodation. You can always pick and choose days that have less traffic and snag a sweet deal. Try searching a flight route such as Delhi to Mumbai flight, then click on the dates on the travel portal or airline website to find out which dates will give you the cheapest flight fares.

Give Luxury a Chance



Often we look at hotels that we believe to be in our price range. By choosing this narrow frame, we miss out on luxury experiences at affordable rates. When looking for a hotel, you can also check if they are offering any special deals, more often than not, you will definitely find one. You could even stay at a place like the Hyatt Regency where you might get the fourth night free when you book a stay longer than three days.

Create Different Travel Groups

Half the fun of any journey is the people you travel with, right? Now, all your friends or family members won’t have the same interests or travel goals. You should bucket them based on their interests. E.g. if you love thrill seeking adventures, find a kindred spirit in your friends or office colleague. Go to historical places like Jaipur and Udaipur with people who love history and architecture, head to Vietnam with a true blue foodie. This way you’ll be able to enjoy new experiences with people who will love them as much as you do.
So, what are you waiting for? Pick a destination and get set for a wild ride.

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