In wine, there’s truth.

It is often said that Wine is bottled poetry. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we talk about Wine?

  • Sophistication?
  • Elegance?
  • Not my drink?
  • Christmas?
  • The stylish glass in which it’s served?
  • The word ‘Sula’ or ‘Heritage’ depending on your brand?
Wine Tasting India
Just look at those curves!

Of course every thing mentioned above is true but there’s more to it.

“People don’t just drink Wine, Wine fills their souls.”

Wine Consumption In India :

Wine is still considered pretty much a niche drink.

“Wine is like the game of Golf in a country full of cricket lovers. Not everyone loves it. Not everyone gets the taste.”

And for people who drink just to get high, Wine is definitely not your cup of tea, umm wine.

“Wine is for girls, they said. Trust me they were wrong.”

Wine in urban and rural India :

Call it my single story but I haven’t met a single person in villages who prefers Wine over Whisky or the Desi drinks. The concept of Wine love is far from reality in rural India. One of the possible reasons is that, the high which you get from Wine is nothing as compared to the desi drinks or the Patiyala Pegs. Furthermore Wine comes with that added rich tag with it. (At least that’s how it’s perceived)

I am the pain as well as the pleasure.

What’s your idea of a romantic date. Ok you might say Champagne. But nothing beats White wine served in sexy glasses under a moonlight setting.

Wine tasting tours in India :

With the advent of rising pub culture in metro cities, Wine consumption has slowly but steadily taken it’s pace. Activities like Wine tasting tours are certainly adding some value to the Wine industry. According to business wire : “Majority of India’s wine regions are concentrated in the south-western part of the country, mostly in the state of Karnataka and Maharashtra. Among regions, western India has the highest wine sales, followed by north and south. Domestically, Eighty percent of wine consumption is confined to major cities like Goa, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. “

We had a chance to visit one of these Wine tasting tours near Bangalore.

And that’s how you should hold it.

Heritage Vineyard, Bengaluru

The Heritage Wines lies on the Mysore highway, near Channapattana just 60 KM from Bangalore. The staff working at the Vineyard will explain you everything about the nuances of Wine Tasting. Wine tasting is an art. Right from the way you hold the glass to the moment it touches your lips everything falls in that art.

First you hold it, then you swirl it, smell it and the magic takes over. And now you could even the wine 😉

Not only you get a chance to walk through the grape fields. But they also take you to the production area. It was like a KT session. Feel free to ask as many questions as possible. These guys are the masters of their business. Apart from the amazing collection of wine, the food menu has delicious offerings which will definitely satiate your taste buds. The right kind of food which goes with the specific wine, the staff will guide you.

Heritage Wines Bangalore
Come to me…

And yeah, apart from Wine and dine The place is itself serene and provides a wonderful chance to unplug!

The Resveratrol in red wine has been found to have some health benefits like preventing colon cancer. It also has anti ageing properties. This goes without saying that Excess of anything is bad. Or the cliched Sanskrit saying “Ati Sarvatra Varjayet”


HERITAGE produces 6 varieties of wines : Cabernet red wine, Shiraz red wine, Chenin Blanc white wine, Twist bubbly wine, Heritage 2000 premium wine and Heritage sweet red wine. Each one has a unique aroma. Taste it and you could even take some of your favorite ones home. Happy Wine Tasting.

I just have one more thing to add. Cheers!


Essential Information:
Cost : 250 per person. (Includes Wine tour and 6 types of  wine tasting)
Preferably a group of 10.
We booked it through Thrillophilia 

Photographs contributed by Mrs. Priyanka Kolay and Mr. Pratik Mishra

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